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Working slowly and deliberately


Product List

Phillips CSK Head Wood Screws Used for decoration and construction Mainly appliable to wood board, MDF board, particle board, ply board and thin metal sheet Availabe coating: Blue Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Black Zinc, Black Phosphated, Waxed, Black Oxide ect Diverse packing method as per buyers' requirement Best requested sizes: 3.5X16 3.5x19 3.5X20 3.5X25 3.5X28 3.5X30 3.5X32 3.5X35 3.5X38 3.5X40 3.5X41 3.5X42 3.5X45 3.5X50 3.5X51 3.5x54 3.5X55 3.5X57 3.5X60 3.5X63 3.9X25 3.9X30 3.9X32 3.9X35 3.9X38 3.9X40 3.9X42 3.9X45 3.9X50 3.9X55 3.9X60 3.9X70 3.9X75 4.2X100 4.2X16 4.2x19 4.2X20 4.2X25 4.2X28 4.2X30 4.2X32 4.2X35 4.2X38 4.2X40 4.2X45 4.2X50 4.2X55 4.2X57 4.2X60 4.2X63 4.2X65 4.2X70 4.2X75 4.2X76 4.2X80 4.2X90 4.8X100 4.8X70 4.8X75 4.8X80 4.8X90 4.8X95


Commercial Plywood
Film Faced Plywood
MDF, Particle Board
MDF Slot Board,
Hardboard, Block Board
Fancy Plywood
HDF Laminated Flooring
Gypsum Board
PVC panels
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