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Wood Screw (2-1/2"X10#)

BS CSK Head Slotted Wood Screws Used for furniture manufacturing, stick with hinge and drawer slid Mainly appliable to wood board , MDF board, particle board and ply board Availabe coating: Blue Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Black Zinc, Black Phosphated, Waxed, Black Oxide ect Diverse packing method as per buyers' requirement Best requested sizes: 1/2X2 1/2X3(Full Threaded) 1/2X4(Full Threaded) 1/2X5(Full Threaded) 1/2X6(Full Threaded) 1/2x8 1/4x4 1-1/2X10 1-1/2X11 1-1/2X12 1-1/2X14 1-1/2x5 1-3/4X8 1-3/4X9 1-3/8X8 1-3/8X9 1X10 1X12 1X14 1X4 1X5 1X6 1X7 1X8 1X9 2-1/2X10 2-1/2X12 2-1/2X14 2-1/2X8 2-1/2X9 2-1/4X10 2-1/4X12 2-1/4X14 2-1/4X8 2-1/4X9 2X10 2X12 2X14 2X6 2X7 2X8 2X9 3/4X10 3/4x3 3/4X4(Full Threaded) 3/4X5(Full Threaded) 3/4X6(Full Threaded) 3/4X7 3/4X8 3/4X9 3/8X2 3/8X3(Full Threaded) 3/8X4 3/8X5 3/8X6 3/8X8 3-1/2X10 3-1/2X12 3-1/2X14 3X10 3X12 3X14 3X8 3X9 4X10 4X12 4X14 5/8X3 5/8X4(Full Threaded) 5/8X5(Full Threaded) 5/8X6(Full Threaded) 5/8X7(Full Threaded) 5/8X8(Full Threaded) 7/8X6 7/8X7 7/8X8 7/8X9


Commercial Plywood
Film Faced Plywood
MDF, Particle Board
MDF Slot Board,
Hardboard, Block Board
Fancy Plywood
HDF Laminated Flooring
Gypsum Board
PVC panels
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